The Stones are returning…let the celebration begin

You have all patiently waited for this–and now the moment is here…

Victoria Blue and I are thrilled to announce that TOTALLY BOUND PUBLISHING is ready to unveil the re-releases of our beloved Stone Family, as well as all the friends that have come along for the dramatic, passionate ride!


We hope you’ll all enjoy Totally Bound’s new edits and revisions on each story–don’t worry; all the major “OMG” moments are still here!–as well as these very exciting new cover looks for each of the books! Best of all: if you order the books straight through Totally Bound’s website, you get a 30-DAY EARLY READ on the book! Of course, all of the books are available through your favorite e-book retailers, as well. (If you’d like paperback, please order through the POD option on Totally Bound’s website too!)


THANK YOU for supporting the Stone series! We guarantee there are MANY more adventures to come for this family!

PRE-ORDER BOOK 1, NO PRINCE CHARMING (Wide Release December 6th)

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PRE-ORDER BOOK 2, NO MORE MASQUERADE (Wide Release January 3rd)

At Totally Bound Publishing Direct (early read available soon!)       On Amazon      On iBooks    On Kobo Books   On Nook Books