Give in to the temptation…

The first trilogy of the TEMPTATION COURT series, taking you through all the emotion of Cassian and Mishella’s love story, is now complete! I hope you enjoy this story, featuring two characters I deeply loved creating.

CASSIAN COURT, aka Wall Street’s “Prince of Passion”, is fashioned physically after the gorgeous Sam Claflin. He is fiercely protective of those he loves, feeling he has an obligation to provide for their comfort and safety. This, tied into him having to grow up faster than normal due to his brother’s overdose and death, have turned him into a driven businessman, determined to keep Court Enterprises as a leading provider of global infrastructure needs. He has never seen women as more than “side interests”–meaning he’s about to be knocked flat out by a sassy Arcadian named Mishella!



MISHELLA SANTELLE (modeled on the beautiful Rachelle Lefevre) has grown up in the strictures of the Arcadian court, believing that her sole purpose is to help her family’s stature in the kingdom. She is prepared for her virginity to be bartered as part of that ambition, until Cassian arrives and changes her world. Thrust into the strange new world of New York City, Ella has no idea what to do when she realizes life can be more than “just business”…and she can truly consider opening her heart to a man. Issues of trust and surrender mark her journey toward truly giving herself to Cassian.


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